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Website for India's No.1 Game


Mech Mocha is the creator of India's No. 1 game "Chota Beem Himalaya Game". They were looking for a website design and development partner who could provide quality results within a short time frame. DesignString did what was required to deliver a clean, elegant website within the time available.



We worked with the team at Mech Mocha closely to draw quick concepts of the web page layouts and sections to be aligned with the vision. The team was very co-operative in providing feedback to achieve results in-time.

Quick Wireframing & moodboard

We created quick wireframes of all the pages to make sure we are on right track with turnaround time of 1 day. We also created a moodboard to make sure we are aligned with branding specs. Mech Mocha being a design-led company, we worked closely with their design team to delivery what was required.

Clean and elegant Visual Design

Design language that looks, feels and speaks Mech Mocha

Last mile run

We worked out of the Mech Mocha office for a day to make all last minute content changes before the site went live. The website was delivered within the allocated time.