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Homie - Mobile app for Home automation platform


Homie.ai is a iOT based startup working on an innovative, disruptive solution in home automation space. From switch control to gps tracker, homie is complete package which allows to automate most of house hold activities and routies. Homie approached DesignString to build the android app which will interface the central server controlling the modules like switch, media, tracker involved in automating the house hold activities.


On-boarding of new installation

On-boarding of the new user was guided by technician during the setup only. We made sure it's simple and clear and also allow users to perform other actions like login, forgot password

House Layout

Platform allowed to control the room level actions. As simple grid layout or list would make it tough in the ease aspect, we went ahead and developed layout which will change based on house layout and easy for user to interact

Devices Remote

Managing infra based remotes was part of the platform and interface was provided to interact with devices like A/C and Televisions

Media management

Central server allowed media management across devices with hosted content

Security Module

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