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Helping aviation professionals to calculate mission critical statistics

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Acumen Aviation is a full service aircraft asset manager with a global platform. Acumen approached DesignString to design and develop their Android and iOS apps. The goal was to help their customer to get recommended maintenance reserve for the aircraft engine, plot engine life cycle and predict status of engine fleet. Acumen was looking for intuitive and interactive apps that would work smoothly and deliver value to their customers.


Defining the Strategy

We worked closely with key stakeholders to understand "Why / What" factors of the product. Considering it was our first time into aviation we validated each step of our understanding closely with the key stakeholders. We defined what was required as digital strategy

Quick Prototyping

For a quick validation from all the key stakeholders and to be aligned with product needs, we did a quick prototying of the product and went for UI/UX

EMPower Quick Prototyping

User interface / User experience design for mobile

Intuitive, interactive and easy to use interface that works best with offline capability and provides a great user experience. Considering it's a commerical app we made sure it meets industry standards as well as delivered impressive look and feel!


Quick preview of Tablet Interfaces



Enables a user to obtain a predicted life on wing and appropriate Maintenance Reserve (MR) rate for commercial aircraft engines operating in any region of the world at any flight length.

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