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Grocery App for Tier-2 City of India


Buymax is a tier-2 city startup in india which wanted to create a grocery mobile app for tier-2 city shops with a wide variety of categories and products, operating out of Vellore in Tamilnadu, India. DesignString was involved with this project from day 1 till launch and support. DesignString defined and designed the user experience for the users who are not too tech savvy.


Simple & Easy to use user interface

As it was a very niche market and users are much tech savy, we wanted to make sure the entire user experience is easy to use

Backend REST services

We developed backend services using PHP as development language.

Vendors Android App

As Buymax was depending on multiple vendors for the inventory purpose, we developed simple app to make their operations seamless.

Buymax Android App

Buymax an online hypermarket is changing the way people buy groceries, food products and a wide range of various products. We are a local mobile e-commerce platform that is transforming into a new shopping experience.