Transition Animation between Activity to Fragment

This project explains how transition take place in Android from one Activity to another. And Animation by clicking list item […]

By Hemanth R

Android using LayoutManagers with RecyclerView

LayoutManager behaviour in Android by using  Recyclerview.The RecyclerView provides built in LayoutManagers and implement vertical scrolling list, horizontal scrolling list […]

By Hemanth R

Insert and Retrieve Image from SQLite Database in Android

Here we learn how to retrieve json using retrofit get request and using SQLite DB, perform insert and retrieve operation […]

By Vaishakha H K

Upload images to the AWS from android

This  will help you with  how to create an s3 bucket in AWS, how to get  all the credentials to […]

By Nakul K J

Android custom gallery with the custom image view

This application is used to create custom gallery view with albums (buckets) similar to mobile gallery. Display the images as […]

By Vaishakha H K

RecyclerView pagination with Bottom ProgressBar

This application is used to load more data automatically as user scroll through items. It will be achieved by loading […]

By Vaishakha H K

Whats app like colour changing collapsing tool bar using palette.

This project is all about the collapsing toolbar which will  change the colour of the tool bar while collapsing with […]

By Nakul K J

Getting shared data from other apps using intent

Sending and recieving data between application using intents. Intents allow users to share information quickly and easily.

By Pramod